SAM AXIOCOMP® Installation

Even though SAM Präzisionstechnik® GmbH is an established, well-sized company, the AXIOCOMP® software project is run like a small startup within the company. This allows us the be agile and concentrate on building a great piece of software without sacrificing speed for process.

In order to keep this focus and because we are still in the initial stage, we did not invest the time and effort to sign our software. This means, Microsoft Windows and maybe also your web browser will want to "protect" you from us. This happens, because the software is new and unknown. With time, the smart filters will adapt and the warnings will cease to be shown.

Please be ensured that nothing about our software is dangerous!
However, you as early adopter will have to take some simple extra steps to successfully install the product.

Installation steps

In the following sections, we will walk you throught he process to overcome the various filters in order to install AXIOCOMP®.
If you have any trouble please don't hesitate to contact us!

1. Download AXIOCOMP® and download
the following installation file:



2. Allow your browser to keep AXIOCOMP® and
execute the file
  Some web browser might flag the download as potentially dangerous.
Every browser does this slightly different.
The following sections show the process for the latest version of Chrome and Internet Explorer. Click on your browser to see the instructions.
Installation with Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft Internet Explorer treats the download like all others, because it knows that Windows is protecting you anyways.

After the download, just click "Execute"(marked in green in the image)
  Installation with Google Chrome  
Google Chrome might display a similar warning to one in the following image.
  • Do not press the button to delete the file!
  • Instead, click the small arrow to the right (marked in green in the image)
  • Then click "Keep".
  • Afterwards execute the installer directly from Chrome, by clicking it.
  3. Bypass the Windows Smart Screen filter                        
  For the reasons stated above, Microsoft Windows will tell you,
that the installer is uncommon.
It will look like the first image below.
  • Click "Further information" (marked in green in the first image)
  • On the following screen, click "Execute anyway" (marked in green in the second image)
  • Follow the installation instructions like usual.
  3. Congratulations  
  You now should have successfully installed AXIOCOMP®!
You won't need to repeat these steps in the near future, since updates are automatically installed by AXIOCOMP® itself.

If you have any issues during installation, registration, or if you have any other suggestions we'd be happy to hear from you!
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